Value. Quality. Service. Simply put, Angelic Mansions is an Assisted Living Community that provides an unbeatable value. Think of Angelic Mansions as an Assisted Living Resort. The luxurious amenities are matched only by the exceptional service. And when you consider the unbelievably affordable fees, we believe that you will find Angelic Mansions to be an unbeatable value.


Furnished Living Quarters.
3 Nutritious and delicious meals/Day.
Unlimited Snacks.
All utilities, including internet.
Select Cable TV Package.
Light Housekeeping 1x/Week.
Basic toiletries provided – Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, shaving cream, lotion. Residents who prefer a different brand are responsible for its purchase.
1 Load of Laundry/Week.
Assistance with showers 2x/Week.
Multiple daily activities.
Oversight, supervision and basic assistance by trained caregivers 24/7.


There may be additional charges for special events and excursions to out of town attractions.
Nonscheduled transportation may incur additional charges.
Companion Services may also incur additional charges.
Special Dietary needs also incur additional charges.
Most pets also require a nonrefundable deposit.


Non Refundable Application fees are $100.
Non Refundable Community Fees are $500/year - One Time Only. Community fees are used to provide an incredible array of memorable and invigorating activities.
First Month rental for Living Quarters chosen.
Total Monthly move in fees may be as low as $3,150.

Currently, Angelic Mansions does not accept Medi-Cal or Medicare. Appropriate private Long term care insurance is accepted.


Cleaning Deposit may be refunded partially.
Application Fees and Yearly Community Fees are Non Refundable.


Fees may be increased once a year. Fee increases are entirely dependent on our cost of operations.


Residents are required to sign and follow the Resident Agreement given on admission. Significant violations of the Resident Agreement may necessitate discharge.
Residents may also be discharged if Angelic Mansions is unable to provide the care required for the safety and health of the resident.


Request for payment is sent on the 25th of each month. Payment is due by the 5th of each month. If payment is not received within 10 calendar days, a 5% late payment penalty is charged and a notice is sent to the responsible party requesting payment and the State Ombudsman is notified to move the resident to another facility. The Ombudsman may move the resident to another facility within 30 days of nonpayment.


If you have another question regarding how affordable we are, contact us now and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Angelic Mansions offers an unbelievable array of amenities. The following list describes many, but not all, of the amenities offered at Angelic Mansions.
See our list of amenities along with a downloadable checklist to compare to other facilities.


Three Delicious and nutritious meals are provided daily. Old time family favorites as well as special selections such as filet mignon and salmon comprise the tempting menu.
In addition, healthy snacks are available all day.
All meals are Heart Healthy which means that salt, fats and sugars are reduced significantly


Angelic Mansions can accommodate many, but not all, diets that are physician prescribed. There may be an additional charge for special diets.


Residents may bring their own furniture, except for the mattress, and decorate their own unit. There is a charge of $500.00 to repaint a room.


Some bathrooms are shared and some are private. Private Bathrooms with private living quarters begin at $3,600/Month. Shared bathrooms with private living quarters begin at $3,060/Month and shared living quarters with shared bathrooms begin at $2,550/Month.


The building is secured by a security service. In addition, there is staff awake, on duty and on premises 24/7.


Angelic Mansions is on one level and is quite accessible for wheelchairs. Most doors are at least 36 inches wide to accommodate most wheelchairs. Many of the bathrooms are ADA compliant. The entire facility is tiled with a luxurious light commercial porcelain tile which allows for easy maneuverability with walkers or wheelchairs.


All care giving staff receive training beyond the State of California requirements. Clinicians are involved in training most of the staff. If a resident is admitted with an unusual diagnosis, the staff receive additional training on that diagnosis within 1 week.


Care givers undergo 20 hours of training per year that is required by the State of California. At Angelic Mansions, all care givers undergo at least 20 additional hours of training/year. Much of the training is provided by clinicians. Training includes areas such as Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Arthritis, Congestive Heart Failure, Cancer, Infectious diseases, Rheumatologic Disease, Chronic and Acute Pain and many other relevant topics..


If you have another question regarding how luxurious we are, contact us now and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Residents at Angelic Mansions must have their own physicians and Medical/Dental providers. However, Clinicians may answer general questions by staff or residents, but specific questions regarding a residents health must be answered by the residents personal medical/dental providers. All care givers are overseen by clinicians.
Monthly vital signs are recorded. Vital signs may be recorded more frequently up to once per week if necessary.


No medical personnel are on call to answer specific questions regarding a residents health, although clinicians are available 24/7 for caregivers to ask general questions. Specific questions regarding any residents medical/dental problems must be directed to the residents personal medical/dental providers.


Smoking is not permitted indoors. Residents may smoke 25 feet from the building.


Angelic Mansions can arrange for transportation but will not provide transportation. The resident and /or Responsible Party is entirely responsible for the entire cost of transportation. Angelic Mansions cannot provide a "Sitter" for those residents with cognitive or behavioral problems and will not arrange transportation unless a "sitter" is provided for residents with Cognitive or Behavioral problems.


Light housekeeping is done once/week and deep cleaning is done once every 3 months. Light housekeeping entails emptying trash cans, sweeping floors, dusting and making beds. Also, sinks, toilets and showers are cleaned daily.


Basic service includes one load of laundry per week. Each residents clothes are washed separately.


Many daily activities are provided to stimulate and invigorate the body and mind. Some typical activities include chair “volleyball” or “soccer”, brain games, daily exercise sessions, seated gardening, putting green, seasons excursions to lakes and mountains and trips to area attractions, concerts or events.

Pets are welcome for visits only.


Family and friends are welcome to visit any time but the hours from 9 am – 8 pm are recommended so as not to disturb other residents. Any other time requires prior approval. If the guest visitor intends to share a meal with the resident, the staff must be notified 48 hours in advance. Guest meals are charged at the following rates – Breakfast - $5.; Lunch - $7. Dinner - $9. Special Meals - $12


Concierge Services are available from 8 am – 5 pm seven days a week, excluding official holidays. Residents may contact The Life Enrichment Coordinator for most services.


If a resident is assessed to be safe and competent, he/she may administer their own medications. If an assessment indicates that a resident is not safely capable of administering medications, then Angelic Mansions will assist residents in administering their medications


Angelic Mansions does not administer injections of any type. The resident is responsible for any injections, including monitoring blood sugars. If necessary, Angelic Mansions may help arrange for the appropriate licensed clinician to administer injections.


The Life Enrichment Coordinator can help make the transition to Angelic Mansions be a worry free and pleasant experience. In addition, the Administrator may also help with the transition process.


Angelic Mansions provides a free move in service if a resident lives within a 50 mile radius of Angelic Mansions. A boxed truck and 2 movers will move any furniture and personal belongings to Angelic Mansions. All small/personal items must be packed in boxes prior to the move, if the resident is moving from a personal residence. If the new resident is moving from a hospital or other facility, Angelic Mansions will pack any personal belongings and furniture. Although we will make every effort to be extremely careful, we cannot guarantee that items may not be damaged during transportation. A waiver must be signed prior to transportation.
Angelic Mansions will also provide this moving service when a resident transfers out of Angelic Mansions, even if the resident is moving to a competing facility.


The resident and responsible family/party are responsible for understanding and complying with the Resident Agreement and following the policies and procedures of the community. The resident and family/responsible party must clarify any questions or concerns with Angelic Mansions as soon as they are aware of the concern so that an answer or solution can be quickly obtained. The resident and family is also responsible for timely payment of all fees. Please note that Angelic Mansions does not allow any cash transactions as we need to maintain appropriate records for regulatory reasons.


Medical emergencies are handled by calling 911. Angelic Mansions has a set of policies and procedures for handling non medical emergencies. Please inquire with the Administrator for specific questions regarding other kinds of emergencies.


If you have any other questions, the Life Enrichment Coordinator is available to help you and may be reached at (760) 365-4620 from 8 am – 5pm PST seven days a week.